Before the invention of Kickstart® hard start devices, the only starting devices that were approved and recommended by compressor and equipment manufacturers consisted of a potential relay (as dictated by the compressor make and model) connected by multiple wires to a start capacitor (also dictated by the compressor make and model). With 365 different relay/capacitor combinations possible (73 potential relays x 5 start capacitors), HVACR contractors who wanted to be ready for any trouble-shooting situation were forced to carry multiple types of relays and multiple types of start capacitors in their service vehicles, which then had to be wired together with three wires by the contractor himself – a cumbersome, time consuming, and costly necessity.

Then, in 1989, Kickstart® hard start devices arrived in the marketplace. At first glance, Kickstart® hard start devices appear to be no different than the multitude of two-wire start-assists that have been on the market since the early 80’s. But a closer look reveals a high-quality potential relay combined with a high-quality start capacitor. It is this “true” potential relay that distinguishes the Kickstart® brand of hard start devices from other starting devices that still use timers, PTCR devices, or circuit boards. It is the unique patented design that allows a single potential relay to replace the multiple potential relay inventories without sacrificing quality.

With the development of high-efficiency compressors, the original TO-5 (now used for 1 to 3 ton) had to make room for the larger KS1 (for 3.5 to 5 ton). Then came the KS8 (for use in less demanding torque requirements), the MP1 (for use on Maneurop® compressors) and four new KSTS models (KSTS216, KSTS238, KSTS243, KSTS324) for use on Bristol’s New Technology(TM) TS (Twin-Single) Compressors.

Ongoing research and development garners ever-increasing product approval from leading compressor and equipment manufacturers, thereby establishing the Kickstart® name as both pioneer and leader in the HVACR arena of starting devices.

Kickstart® Engineering and Test Lab
Our complete in-house engineering and testing facility ensures that every Kickstart® hard start device meets not only our own high standards of excellence, but also those of the major OEM and equipment manufacturers who recommend and use our devices today.

Kickstart® Product Warehouse
Product is shipped from our Texas Warehouses within three days of the date that a customer purchase order is received at our corporate offices. Kickstart® hard start devices are shipped to both domestic customers here in the U.S., as well as to International customers located all over the world.

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