TUFFBOX™ Quick rough-in polymer register box for HVAC system installations.


Strong. Durable heavy gauge polymer one piece shell will deliver 100% air flow.
Silent. Tuffbox is virtually air tight, delivering 100% of the air flowing through it.
Secure. Screw to the framing using holes provided or anywhere through the box.


No measuring. No guesswork. 5/8″ standoffs provide correct depth to accommodate strapping or furring used with drywall.

Adaptable. Innovative stepped collar with quick breakaway design accommodates three duct sizes to provide on-site flexibility.



mht 81968 (Model: MH)

  • Multi-size TuffBox Register Box Standard (8×8)

mhlt 81970 (Model: MHL)

  • Multi-size TuffBox Register Box Large (10×10)

mhst 81966 (Model: MHS)

  • Multi-size TuffBox Register Box Small (6×6)