It’s the ultimate solution for water leak damages and prevention.

  • Automated monitoring of the premises 24/7
  • Full control of water infrastructure via the mobile phone App or from the Monitoring Station
  • Real-time temperature measurement
  • Peace of mind

TripleGuard Smart Kit – Monitored facility leak protection

Support Documents
Installation Instructions
  • Automatic water leak detection.
  • Detects water leaks in the places that are prone to leaking such as under the sink, near water heaters, washing machines and other appliances.
  • Closes the shutoff unit and block the water supply into the premises when leaks are detected.
  • Designed for all types of dwellings and businesses – private homes, condominiums, multi-family apartments, business premises and hotels.
  • Easy, fast installation – No drilling and cable trenching required.
  • No electrician is required.
  • Communicates through mobile App with real time status.
  • Immediately senses water leaks using array of water detectors.
  • Smart shutoff unit controller.
  • Robust, secured and operational at all time.
  • Battery Operated (batteries included)
Kit Contains
  • Actuator
  • HUB
  • (2) Water Leak Detector
  • 1 Ball Vale (available in sizes 3/4″, 1″ & 1-1/4″)

TripleGuard Smart

Product Code Description Quantity
97710 TripleGuard Smart with 3/4″ ball valve 1
97712 TripleGuard Smart with 1″ ball valve 1
97714 TripleGuard Smart with 1 1/4″ ball valve 1
97718 Water Leak Detector only 6


TripleGuard Active – Automatic appliance leak shutoff


Installation Instructions
  • Application
    • Designed to protect homes from damages caused by a leaking water heater, washing machine or other appliances.
    • When a leak is detected by the water leak detector, the automatic intake shut off activates to close off the water source
    • No wifi monitoring capability
    • Cold water shut off unit
    • 10 ft cable
    • Water leak detector
    • Battery operated
    • Easy installation
    • Battery Operated (batteries included)


    TripleGuard Active

    Product Code Description Quantity
    97720 Appliance Leak Shutoff 1


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