TripleGuard Active Troubleshooting

Question and Answers

Question: Is my Shutoff Unit weather resistant?

Answer: No, the TripleGuard Integrated Shutoff unit is for indoor use only

Question: Are the batteries provided with my Shutoff Unit?

Answer: Yes. The unit is provided with 2 x CR123

Question: How frequently should I replace the batteries of my Shutoff Unit?

Answer: The battery life of the Shutoff unit is of 2 years based on opening/closing twice a day 5 days a week.

Question: What tools do I need to open the battery case of my Shutoff Unit?

Answer: You will need a Phillips screwdriver.

Question: Do I need to drill or install any specific part to install my Shutoff Unit?

Answer: Depending on your existing installation, you may need specific alterations. Check with your professional installer .

Question: How many Shutoff Units do I need?

Answer: You need to install one Shutoff unit on each main water pipe.

Question: Do I need a professional installer to install my Shutoff Unit?

Answer: In most cases, you will need to call for a professional installer to install and synchronize the Shutoff unit.

Question: Do I need an electrician to connect my Shutoff Unit?

Answer: No, the Shutoff unit is fully battery-operated and thus there is no need to call an electrician

Question: I cannot rotate manually the handle of my Integrated Shutoff Unit.

Answer: First, replace the batteries, but if the problem persists, contact yours authorized retailer.




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