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Community: Well Tank Short Cycling

irepairspaceships asks:

I noticed today that my well pump is short cycling. I checked the air pressure for the bladder which was around 30 PSI.

The tank seems to hold steady around 50 with no water running. As soon as I open any faucet, the tank pressure will dip down within seconds and I hear the click of the pump kicking back on and the tank will hit 50 again within a few seconds and this will continue on and on. Gently tapping on the tank, it seemed fairly empty.


If the tank itself is not actually water logged it could be that the nipple and/or bowl of your pressure switch are full of sediment. Is the gauge actually operational, or is it stuck at 50?

I’d drain it down, double check to make sure it’s actually empty (should be relatively light) check your air pressure against the switch settings (tank air should be 2 PSI less than your cut-in pressure), and unthread the pressure switch and nipple to examine for debris. – ParksVS


26 Jun