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New Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs

SS1We are happy to announce Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs!  Three new SKUs of bulk pack SS1, SS2 and SS3 contractor packs of quantity 50 each case.

  • SS1 (97630)  contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976302
  • SS2 (97635) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976357
  • SS3 (97645) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976456


20 Dec

Safe-T-Switch® SS610E

SS610E_webMini split systems

SS610E is specially designed for use in Mini Split systems. Its small Sensor can easily fit in
the confined internal spaces of most units. It can also be installed directly in the Drain Pan
or clipped to the unit’s Coils. SS610E’s CPU unit is housed in an attractive casing that can be mounted directly to the side of the unit. Uses power from A/C unit so no batteries are required.

The Electronic Condensate Overflow Switch contains low power consuming, state-of the-
art microelectronics. SS610E’s logic circuit continuously samples the probes for water.
If water is detected, the circuit determines if the condition is transient or permanent. If
permanent, the system will be shutdown. Onboard LED’s indicate the condition of the unit.


09 Nov