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Installing Condensate Pumps


Discover the top four mistakes made when installing ductless mini-split condensate pumps.

Condensate pumps for ductless mini-split and variable refrigerant- flow air-conditioning systems are very reliable. While installing the pump is seemingly simple, condensate pump installation shortcuts or mistakes can potentially affect the equipment performance. More importantly, it can lead to property damage on the very premises they were designed to protect. In fact, the majority of condensate pump failures, regardless of brand or model, are due to field installation errors.


There are many variations, but typically a mini-split condensate pump consists of a pump body, which is sometimes mounted remotely; a separate reservoir that includes a filter; a switching mechanism to activate the pump; and sometimes an integral overflow switch. Some designs combine the reservoir and pump body into a single unit known as a monobloc pump. Many pumps include two cable connections, a 115-V or 230-V power connection, and an overflow switch cable, which is commonly wired into the air-conditioning equipment’s communication cable to shut down the evaporator during an overflow event.


There are four common mistakes made when installing mini-split condensate pumps: omission of a pump, creating siphoning through improper hydraulics, incorrect wiring and poor pump selection.


08 Nov