SureSeal® Floor Drain Trap Seal

Floor Drain Trap Seal

SureSeal eliminates the need for expensive trap primers yet blocks the emission of noxious sewer gases from backing-up into living or work areas. It is very cost effective, and much simpler to maintain than a tradition water trap primer – providing the ultimate flexibility in design, placement, and maintenance of floor drains in nearly all applications.

SureSeal® Vent-Guard

Provides odor control from grease interceptors and roof vents. Also eliminates roof vent blockages from nesting. Can be used on older roof vents.

• Stops roof odors
• Stops grease Interceptor odors
• Stops roof vent pipe nesting
• Simple one-piece installation
• 3 press fit models 2,” 3″, 4″
• Economical

SureSeal® Plus

Waterless in-line floor drain trap seal with backwater protection.
Easily installs into any standard 2” or 3” drain.

Seal out drain odor, bugs and also provides protection against drain backup.