Low Voltage Condensate Overflow Alarm
US PATENT NO.: 7,199,722 B2


The Safe-T-Gard® Model SG1 Condensate Overflow Alarm is designed to alert building occupants to an A/C condensate drain clog before overflows and water damage occur. The Safe-T-Gard® works with the Safe-T-Switch® Condensate Overflow Shut-off Switch or most other 24-volt overflow switches and CONDENSATE PUMPS to sound an audible piezo buzzer and flash an LED when the switch cuts the thermostat circuit due to a back up in the condensate drain.

Service personnel can now know in advance that equipment is disabled by the overflow switch in the condensate drain, pan or pump.

Safe-T-Gard® features a simple, attractive two-wire design with back or side wire entry ports making installation quick and easy. The product includes mounting tape and comes pre-wired with 18 AWG, 4- foot lead wires. Additional two stand thermostat cable can be added to locate the alarm anywhere in the building.

SPECIFICATIONS: 24 Volts A/C, 2 Amp – Piezo Buzzer, Flash LED Indicator.

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