Remote Sensor Kit for Safe-T-Probe Model SP1P


Detects water in A/C condensate drain pans and shuts off the system to help prevent flooding. Designed for installation in auxiliary (safety) drain pans. Compact footprint fits many equipment supplied (primary) drain pans.

Adjustable depth, stainless clip snaps securely in place on most pan rims. Design features sealed, all electronic sensor technology with no moving parts or floats for reliable performance in damp environments. Plenum rated construction – all switch components and wire tested to UL508 & UL2043 and are suitable for use in plenum spaces

**NOTE** – This product is not a stand alone sensor and must be
installed with the Safe-T-Probe® Model SP1P Sensor/Switch

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Model SP1A remote water sensor, 6-foot, plenum rated cable, stainless steel snap on clip, depth adjustment nuts, sheet metal screw, installation instructions and warning sticker.

SPECIFICATIONS: 24 Volts AC Class 2, 3 Amp Switching Capacity. CPVC Construction – tested in conformance to UL 508 & UL2043

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