Fit-It-Foot 10″

87772 (RMB10L)[block]0[/block]

Low Profile 2″ Fix It Foot Riser w/ Channel – 10″ Long, 110lb capacity.

Ideal for rooftop support of equipment and systems. Mounting is strong, secure, flexible, vibration absorbing and leak proof while keeping installation quick, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Aluminum linear track permits the use of standard strut hardware (not included). Underside has recessed area to permit easy leveling. Molded from recycled crumb rubber.

Material – Rubber / Aluminum
Coating – N/A
Capacity – 110lb.
Length – 10″
Width – 4.25″
Height – 2″

Ordering Information:
Model – RMB10L
Carton Qty – 1
Carton Weight – 2.5
Maximum Load Rating Per Unit – 180lbs

Carton Contents:
Low Profile RMB10