RectorSeal® Cold Galvanizing Spray


RectorSeal Cold Galvanizing Spray

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Protection of hot-dip galvanizing

RectorSeal® Cold Galvanizing Spray fights rust and corrosion with galvanic action like that of hot-dip galvanizing. Economical and easily applied. It is recommended for marine, mining, petrochemical, off-shore structures, and HVAC installations. It is 95% pure zinc, ideal for fabricated metal, is methylene chloride free, and meets MIL-P-46105, MIL-P-26433, MIL-P-21035, and MIL-P-26915A.

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved Dimensions Cubic Feet
86625 16oz aerosol 12 021449866255 10021449866252 9x12x10 .63