Promotional Literature

To Save Promotional Literature: Click on thumbnail to view artwork. Once you have the artwork open in a separate browser window, you can right click on the image and select save picture as from drop down menu. Save it to your hard drive or desktop.

To View Artwork: If you do not have a program to view the artwork in, you can download Irfanview. A free software that allows you to view the images and change the resolution and save it as another file type. Click here to download the Irfanview Program. To view the website or to get additional information on the program click the link.

Bio fireshield™ Catalog

Bio Fireshield Firestop Gasket

Bio Fireshield Lectra-Stop

3 Solutions Flyer

BioStop® Joint Strip Front

BioStop® Joint Strip Back

Bio Fireshield™ Cast-In-Place