Other Products

RectorSeal® Epoxy Putty
RectorSeal® Epoxy Putty is a pre-measured, high grade epoxy and hardener formulated together in one stick, making it easy to break off the amount needed for each repair. RectorSeal® Epoxy Putty bonds to most surfaces and hardens in 15 to 20 minutes. It can then be sanded, painted, drilled, taped, and/or machined. It is available in two sizes: a handy 2 oz. (EP-200) or economical 4 oz. (EP-400). Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex  G

Buz-Awf™ kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees and ants with a high pressure, long distance spray. It is non-conductive up to 47 KV. Perfect for service technicians working with outdoor equipment. EPA Registered.

RectorSeal® Cold Galvanizing Spray
RectorSeal® Cold Galvanizing Spray fights rust and corrosion with galvanic action like that of hot-dip galvanizing. Economical and easily applied. It is recommended for marine, mining, petrochemical, off-shore structures, and HVAC installations. It is 95% pure zinc, ideal for fabricated metal, is methylene chloride free, and meets MIL-P-46105, MIL-P-26433, MIL-P-21035, and MIL-P-26915A.

Go-Jo® is the number one preferred hand cleaner for professional tradesmen. It thoroughly and safely cleans adhesives, asphalt, tar, paint and much more! Available in lemon cream, lemon lotion and natural orange formulations with pumice and original scent. Go-Jo® hand cleaners are safe to use, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Draft Block™
Draft Block™ is a one component expanding polyurethane foam sealant that expands to three times its original dispensed volume. It is designed to reduce heating and cooling costs by filling and insulating openings. Draft Block™ is an effective acoustical sealant and reduces sound transmission. Its dielectric formula will not transmit an electric current and adheres readily to wood, glass, metal, tile, concrete and most plastics.

RS 136 Draft Stop/Fire Block Caulk
RS 136 Draft Stop/Fire Block Caulk is a general purpose, residential, acoustical fireblock/smoke seal caulk for electrical, plumbing, plastic pipe and telephone communication systems penetrations. Easy application with a conventional caulking gun with water clean-up capabilities. For interior application.

RectorSeal® HI-TEMP™100% RTV Silicone Caulk
RectorSeal® HI-TEMP™ 100% RTV Silicone Caulk is a one component caulk which cures to a strong durable resilient rubber. It will adhere to glass, clean metal, most types of non-oily woods, vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone resins, natural and synthetic fibers, ceramic, paper, as well as many painted and plastic surfaces.

RectorSeal® Duct Seal Compound
RectorSeal® Duct Seal Compound is a gray, permanently soft, non-toxic, putty type compound which adheres to most clean, dry surfaces. It is designed to be used when sealing around the ends of electrical conduit and boxes.

Excellent adhesion properties
Temperature usage range from 25 degree F
to 120 degree F
Remains permanently soft
USDA acceptable
No vehicle bleed out
FDA approved
UL(R) classified
Dielectric strength to 100V per mil

RectorSeal® General Purpose Silicone Sealant
RectorSeal® General Purpose Silicone Sealant is a premium quality 100% RTV silicone caulk that remains permanently flexible. Ideal for sealing around electrical panels, windows, doors, pipes, vents, corner joints, aluminum siding and other interior / exterior building materials.

RectorSeal® Smoke and Acoustic Sealant
RectorSeal Smoke and Acoustic Sealant is high grade acrylic latex sealant formulated to provide a seal for penetrations, membrane openings, and static or dynamic joints in smoke or sound rated assemblies. RectorSeal Smoke and Acoustic Sealant provides an excellent sound attenuation characterisitics in accordance with ASTM E90 and reduces the movement of smoke and airborne particles as demonstrated in air leakage testing modified UL 1479 and modified UL 2079. Available in caulk and spray grade. STC rating 69.

RectorSeal® Pipe Repair Kit
RectorSeal® Pipe Repair Kit is a fast, easy, durable and cost effective pipe repair system. It consists of a 2″ x 4′ knitted fiberglass cloth coated with a water activated Polyurethane resin that adheres to all metal, plastic, fiberglass, and concrete piping. This repair system can withstand pressures up to 450 PSI when used with RectorSeal® EP 200 Epoxy Putty. Perfect for use in plumbing, pool, spa, irrigation and HVAC applications.