Pan Material Specifications


What is DexElar?

DexElar is a patented and advanced polymer that possesses outstanding rigidity and stability. DexElar’s unique qualities allow it to be formulated for a wide variety of applications, which can improve the performance of products we use every day. This innovative and propriety material provides the product engineers and designers a with the versatility to substitute traditional materials and recreate a variety of HVAC/R products in an entirely new way.

Compared to metal secondary drain pans, our pans will not crack, split, leak or rust.

All of our Goliath, Goliath Furnace and Goliath Furnace Risers, Titan Flexible Series, and Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans are Made With Pride in the USA and created with our exclusive DexElar advanced polymer material, which is a superior material of choice compared to our competition, which uses general-purpose Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS Plastic.

  ABS Plastic DexElar
Temperature Range: -4°F to 176°F -20°F to 260°F
Heat Distortion Temperature: 199°F to 211°F 290°F to 310°F
Flexural Strength (PSI): 9,300 13,500
Tensile Strength (PSI): 5,300 8,900
Load Support (PSI): Up to 350 Pounds Over 500 Pounds

Extreme Temperature Durability

DexElar is resilient enough to withstand extreme conditions between -20°F (-28.9°C) to 260°F (126.7°C). In addition, DexElar features a high thermo-deflection temperature, the point at which material begins to soften, which is between 290°F (143.3°C) and 310°F (154.4°C), which makes DexElar an ideal choice of material for HVAC/R attic or rooftop installations.



Flame Retardant

With a high melting point and self-extinguishing characteristics, DexElar is a safer and more reliable material of choice than traditional HVAC/R product materials such as polypropylene or ABS plastics. ABS Plastic is flammable when exposed to high temperatures and releases toxic carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. ABS Plastic is also damaged by sunlight.

In addition, unlike ABS Plastics, our Secondary Drain Pans can also be used safely and are code compliant in plenum required air handling systems where the aggregate plastics surface area is less than 10 square feet or 0.93 square meters.



High Load Bearing and Tensile Strength

DexElar is also an incredibly strong material. As one of the strongest materials available on the market today, DexElar is an extreme load bearer that provides high tensile strength with a tensile yield strength of 8,900 pounds per square inch (psi), which is over 45% stronger than products made of ABS Plastic.



High Impact Resistance

DexElar is also provides a significant improvement over the impact resistance of plastic-like ABS polymer materials. DexElar has over 200 times the impact strength of normal glass and has 30 times the impact strength of Acrylic. The proprietary material’s “Tough as Steel” resistance to cracking and/or breaking makes it ideal for applications where HVAC/R products may experience attempted vandalism or extreme punishment from the elements.