AC Leak Freeze Pro with UV for Mini-split

AC Leak Freeze PRO series

AC Leak Freeze Pro with UV for Mini-split adds the ability for a UV light source to detect larger leaks for system assessment.

Features & Benefits

  • Single use – disposable
  • Polymer free
  • Safe for systems
  • Ready to use
  • Non-flammable
  • POP packaged
  • Recyclable (copper and brass)

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11 Mar

Multi Frame

Multi FrameHOUSTON–RectorSeal® LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of quality HVAC/R products, introduces the Multi Frame, a five-SKU packaged approach that simplifies designing, inventorying and assembling Big Foot® Systems’ modular, tubular steel framing mounts for VRF/VRV condensers in U.S. and Canada. The introduction also includes Frame Tech, Big Foot Systems’ new online program that eliminates the guesswork in rooftop equipment support configuration and engineering.

Multi Frame consolidates Big Foot’s previous standard product line from 80+ SKUs to five pre-packaged kits that are ordered through wholesale HVAC distributors. The standard rectangular Multi Frame kit consists of two 40-inch-long (102-cm) end bars, two 48-inch-long (122-cm) cross bars, four leg assemblies with 12-inch-square (30-cm) nylon feet, and two 2-clamp kits for securing the condenser to the frame. Each 40 x 48-inch frame has a 1,200-pound (544-kilograms) total weight capacity that accommodates any VRF/VRV brand and model.

The system accommodates one or two condensers, but is scalable to an infinite number of integrated frames and configurations with the Multi Frame extension kit and the other three supplementary SKUs. Any Multi Frame project can be widened, deepened or lengthened into any conceivable geometrical configuration with an extension kit, which consists of two end bars, two cross bars, two leg assemblies, two tubular steel connectors and one clamp kit.
While the previous Big Foot Systems product line gravitated toward highly-engineered jobs requiring consulting engineer specification, parts selection, Big Foot factory engineering and other tasks, Multi Frame’s five packaged SKUs reduce ordering/shipping time from weeks to just days.

The design-to-assembly process is expedited with Frame Tech, the online tool that leads HVAC wholesalers through user-friendly prompts to design and specify layouts for engineers and contractors. Frame Tech designs and prints out complete specifications including wind load ratings, SKU list for each condenser, configuration diagrams and assembly instructions. Frame Tech accommodates the largest rooftop configurations down to just a Fast Fix stand for a ground-mounted mini-split condenser. The print out is invaluable for consulting engineering verification, building inspectors and onsite assemblers.
The main Multi Frame system can accommodate pitched roofs by adjusting the frame up or down the threaded 12 to 18-inch (30 to 45-cm) legs. Tall legs of 18 to 24-inches (45 to 61-cm) are available for roof pitches or to surpass snow drift codes.

Besides the basic Multi Frame and the extension kit, the other three SKUs are: 1) Multi Frame tall with 18 to 24-inch legs; 2) Multi Frame tall with 18 to 24-inch legs extension kit; and 3) an extra 48-inch cross bar kit (auto-populated during Frame Tech designs) for VRF/VRV brands that require six total mounting rail touchpoints of condenser support.

Other Multi Frame advantages are:
• Price is less than the cost of fabricating labor for an I-beam or lumber mount;
• Also applicable for ground mounting;
• Can be mixed and matched with VRF/VRV and ductless mini-splits, as long as the latter is accommodated with enough venting space;
• Can also be used for other HVAC rooftop equipment.
Big Foot Systems is the only corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel equipment mounting frame that outlasts other steel frame brands and reduces labor versus general construction material gerri rigging. Re-roofing is possible without disassembling HVAC equipment, because roof sections can be replaced under one removed leg at a time.
For more information on RectorSeal and its HVAC/R, plumbing, firestop and electrical products, please visit or contact its customer and technical support departments at 800-231-3345.

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11 Mar

Rooftop Pipe Support (RPS)

Rooftop Pipe Support (RPS)

HOUSTON–RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a manufacturer and distributor of quality HVAC/R products, has introduced the Rooftop Pipe Support (RPS), a sturdy, easy-to-install system for presenting an organized, aesthetic alternative to wood blocks and other unprofessional jerry-rigged methods. The RPS is designed for HVAC/R, electrical, plumbing and condensate piping, or ductwork, walkway grates and solar panels on commercial flat roofs.

The RPS is a .15-inch-thick (3.8-mm) ultraviolet light-stabilized, weather-resistant copolymer shell with a high density foam core that provides insulation, vibration isolation and roof membrane protection. The 7.5 (W) x 8 (L) x 5-inch (H) (19 x 20 x 12-cm) RPS weighs only .78-lb (354-grams), but can withstand load capacities of up to 250-lbs or 350-lbs each when used with universal strut channel. The RPS is the industry’s only rooftop support system that has five numbered slots to keep two-inch and smaller pipe aligned and organized during installation, although it can accommodate any size pipe diameter.

The top of the RPS’s 7.5 x 2-inch (19 x 5-cm) shell accommodates multiple pipes and its surface-gripping slots prevent pipe roll and movement during installation. Additional pipe runs can be supported above the shell top via a universal strut channel elevated by 1/2-inch (12-mm) threaded rod. Each RPS has dedicated holes leading to a molded hexagonal receiver for friction-fitting 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch (19-mm) nuts that eliminate the need for a hold-back wrench when fastening threaded rods or bolts.

Each RPS unit includes a 3/4-inch (W) x 9-inch (L) (2 x 22-cm) galvanized perforated strap that secures up to one two-inch-diameter pipe. Multiple pipe runs are limited to only roof space, because each RPS can be interlocked laterally with the shell’s molded tabs that easily snap into a neighboring RPS’ receiver tab.

Other RPS features are:

  • Gives any flat roof piping installation a professional appearance;
  • Withstands temperatures up to 200°F (93°C);
  • Sold in contractor 10-packs;
  • Compatible with most industry roof support and fastening accessories;
  • Top includes starter hole guides for conventional self-tapping screws to secure the perforated strap;
  • Universal strut channel and custom-cut threaded rod can easily provide a pitch required for condensate drain pipe;
  • Supports mounting framework for either hot water and photovoltaic solar panels or walkway grates;
  • Can be used in spacing increments for metal pipe in accordance with ASTM-A53-86, and 2 to 7-foot (60 to 213-cm) increments for PVC;
  • Five-year warranty.

For more information on the RPS or RectorSeal and its HVAC/R, plumbing, firestop and electrical products, please visit or contact its customer and technical support departments at 800-231-3345.

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04 Mar

Rooftop Pipe Support

The Rooftop Pipe Support (RPS ) is a light weight, versatile, non-penetrating support recommended for all light weight applications such as pipes, conduits, ducting, and solar installations on flat commercial roofs.

Manufactured using high quality UV resistant polymers designed to withstand temperatures up to 200 F and loads of 250 lbs. with strut and 200 lbs. without. The light weight and non-penetrating RPS is ideal for rooftop gas piping, plumbing, mechanical systems, conduits, refrigerant and condensate lines, as well as a support for cable trays, solar panels, and walkways.


Screw guides, a galvanized perforated strap to quickly clamp up to a 2” pipe, interlocking tabs to align multiple supports, and numbered pipe grooves.
An innovative notch coupled with ½” bolt holes and 5/8” – ¾” nut retainers for the easy installation of universal strut and risers.
A removable insulated base that protects the roof surface and prevents vibration.



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12 Feb



RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, introduces TripleGuard, a smart, electronic water leak monitoring, detection and prevention system product line that guards against property damaging, infrastructure water source leaks in residential and commercial real estate.

Available through North American plumbing and HVAC/R wholesalers, TripleGuard is ideal for any real estate owner or manager overseeing property with dish washers, clothes washers, sinks, hot water heaters, hydronic/plumbing piping and other potential water leak sources.

TripleGuard consists of two products that are maintenance-free and installable in less than an hour: 1) the TripleGuard Smart for Cloud-based monitored facility leak protection; and 2) the TripleGuard Active appliance leak shutoff, designed mainly for single source protection such as water heaters.

While the plumbing industry currently has many leak detectors, few brands actually proactively stop water flow and subsequent property damage while also enabling the user with cloud-based control remotely or onsite via smartphones or the Internet. “Statistics reveal North American water damage insurance claims total billions of dollars annually and 250-gallons (946-liters) of water can potentially leak daily from just an 1/8-inch (3-mm) crack in a pipe,” said Brian Ilagan, TripleGuard senior product manager.

The TripleGuard Smart system includes:

  • Actuator shutoff unit for the supply water line. The actuator is a high-torque design that fits over a 3/4, 1, or 1-1/4-inch (228, 305, 381-mm) ball valve (sold separately) on a building or zone’s primary water supply piping. It operates wireless with 4 AA batteries. The actuator is designed to withstand fully-submersed natural flooding situations and in temperature extremes from -4°F to 124°F (-20°C to 51°C) temperatures The actuator automatically closes and opens the ball valve monthly to proactively prevent scale buildup, thus requiring no maintenance other than battery replacement every four years;
  • Two water leak detectors. The sensors require two AA-batteries and placement under a potential water leak source. Maintenance requires battery change out every two years;
  • A Cloud-connected HUB. A 915-Mhz wireless device connects to the Cloud via Wi-Fi or a hard-wired modem Ethernet connection. The smart device accepts wireless communications from the sensors, and then monitors sensor status (scalable up to 30 sensors/HUB). When a sensor detects water, the HUB receives the communication and then wirelessly signals the actuator to close. HUB maintains a historical record of sensors for troubleshooting and status reports.   
  • A smartphone app. The app allows remote access to the HUB for monitoring and controlling operation.  The app can also be used to manually shutdown the building or HUB zone water supply remotely when unoccupied.

The TripleGuard Active is a one-piece actuator valve that monitors and detects water heater leaks. Its single 10-foot-long (3-meter), umbilical cord-connected sensor placed in the water heater pan automatically deactivates the cold water shutoff valve when detecting a water leak presence.  “Statistics reports that 75-percent of water heaters fail within 12 years and cause property damage,” added Ilagan.

The TripleGuard product line’s other features include:

  • One-year product warranty;
  • Valve is NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (NSF-61) and NSF-372 certified for potable water;
  • Multiple kits can be observed simultaneously on a manifest monitoring system for Home Owner Associations (HOA), multi-family housing management departments, and other overseers of large facilities with multiple units:
  • Potential for reducing property insurance premiums and satisfying insurers’ water leak policy provisions;
  • Future generations will integrate with Internet of Things (IoT) platforms;

For more information on TripleGuard, please visit the RectorSeal webpage: , call 1-800-231-3345, or email:

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14 Jan