RectorSeal® Introduces AC Leak Freeze® Nano PRO, the HVAC Industry’s Only Nano Leak Refrigeration Sealant

AC leak Freeze Nano PROAC Leak Freeze® nano PRO uses revolutionary nano particles that permanently seal nano holes that conventional sealants miss.

Houston–RectorSeal® LLC, a manufacturer of quality HVAC/R products, has introduced AC Leak Freeze® nano PRO, the HVAC industry’s first refrigerant leak sealant designed to permanently repair nano as well as micro-sized leaks in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems

It uses the same trusted, OEM-approved formula and quick-installing safe applicator as the original industry-leading AC Leak Freeze PRO, but now includes nano particles. These randomly-shaped particles are designed to stop refrigerant leaks from jagged, irregularly-shaped nano-sized holes that are up to 1,000-times smaller than micro holes, therefore difficult to seal with conventional sealants.

AC Leak Freeze nano Pro is the industry’s only double action sealant: 1) seals leaks in one to six-ton units with an oil-based, polymer-free, 1.5-ounce (44-ml) formula that doesn’t clog system components or refrigeration tools; and 2) uses nano particles to repair holes too small for conventional sealants. Service technicians can add a third action by applying AC Leak Freeze nano PRO with Magic Frost, which includes an anti-friction lubricant additive that reduces noise and vibration, while enhancing system efficiency.

Besides effectiveness, AC Leak Freeze nano PRO is also the HVAC industry’s safest sealant for technicians, refrigeration systems and the environment. The non-toxic formula is non-flammable and has a safer flashpoint rating than competitive sealants and its innovative applicator’s new low loss connection fitting protects technicians’ hands from frost bite and the environment from refrigerant loss. The patent-pending formula doesn’t have moisture-activated polymers that can potentially clog compressors, recovery/evacuation units, Schrader valves, capillary tubes, TXV valves, micro channels or manifold gauges.

Like its predecessor, AC Leak Freeze nano Pro also uses an 8.5-inch-long (203-mm) applicator consisting of a flexible, easy-to-handle, transparent nylon refrigeration hose and an attached copper reservoir of sealant. Unlike some other disposable leak sealant applicators, AC Leak Freeze nano Pro doesn’t require a system pump down with R-410A systems and safely withstands all typical refrigerant pressures.

One side of the hose connects to the refrigeration system’s low side. The AC Leak Freeze nano PRO formula is propelled into the system within seconds once the hose’s reservoir is connected to either the high side or a refrigerant cylinder via a charging manifold. The disposable, one-time-use applicator’s nylon hose, brass fittings and copper reservoir are all 100-percent recyclable.
Other AC Leak Freeze Pro features are:

  • hose and reservoir are factory-sealed to prevent injecting air or atmospheric moisture into the system;
  • the flexible nylon hose’s 45-degree connection fitting allows easier hand access than straight fittings in cramped Schrader valve environments;
  • transparent hose eliminates guess work as to when application is completed;
  • comes in four-color boxed packaging designed for distributor J-hook merchandisers or in 12-unit compact POP counter display cases.

19 Jan

RectorSeal’s Acid-Away®, the HVAC Industry’s First Acid Neutralizer, Now in an Easy, Time-Saving Injector

Acid Away Pro

RectorSeal’s Acid-Away® , the HVAC Industry’s First Acid Neutralizer, Now in an Easy, Time-Saving Injector.

New Acid-Away Pro all-in-one injector and acid neutralizer cuts application time in half and accommodates all refrigeration oils; including mineral and POE.

RectorSeal®, Houston, the originator of Acid-Away® , the HVAC industry’s first acid neutralizer for refrigerant systems, now introduces Acid-Away® PRO the new, quick and easy all-in-one injector for eliminating acid in residential and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The Acid-Away PRO injector includes a 1.5-ounce dose of the same trusted Acid-Away formula that service technicians have used for more than two decades to eliminate and prevent refrigeration system acid formation.

The six-inch-long (152-mm) Acid-Away PRO injector consists of a 1.5-ounce (44-ml) copper reservoir; a high side 1/4-inch (6-mm) standard brass connection fitting and a low side 1/4-inch low-loss Schrader valve brass connection fitting designed to protect the service technician’s hands from frostbite and the environment from escaped refrigerant. The recyclable injector simplifies and expedites usage versus the original Acid-Away bottle/funnel method. Unlike the original Acid-Away, which was offered in both mineral oil and polyolester (POE) versions, Acid-Away PRO has been reformulated for all refrigeration oils.

Versus most competing products, which are defined as scavengers that attach to acid molecules for entrapment in the system’s filter drier, Acid-Away PRO chemically changes acid into a neutral, non-corrosive substance that doesn’t attack metals or cause future compressor motor burnouts. Unlike scavengers, Acid-Away doesn’t deplete filter/drier capacity, which potentially leads to premature filter/drier replacement callbacks.

While Acid-Away Pro is designed for compressor burnout system cleanup, it’s also an excellent preventative maintenance treatment for systems with a history of acid build-up. Two other RectorSeal products complement Acid-Away PRO: Acid Detector™ acid test kit; and the Turbo-Kleen™ Starter Kit for cleaning burnout residual from system components.
Other features of the Acid-Away PRO include:

  • OEM approval by Trane, Bristol and several other equipment brands prove there are no harmful effects to system components, compressor parts, oil or refrigerant;
  • Doesn’t require replacing filter/drier beyond periodic replacement schedules;
  • Reformulation for all refrigeration oils results in only one inventory sku.
  • Prefilled applicator minimizes introducing moisture and air into the system;
  • Available to HVAC/R wholesale distributors in countertop cases of 12-units, each which have a peg hole for optional displaying on wall pegs.

For additional information on Acid-Away PRO or other HVAC/R products and tools from RectorSeal, visit email:; or call 800-231-3345.






19 Jan

RectorSeal® Introduces the PRO-Fit™ Precision Swage Kit, the Next Generation in Copper Pipe Swage Tools

PRO-Fit™ Precision Swage Kit is a six drill bit swage set for quickly, easily and inexpensively swaging refrigeration tubing without leak-prone imperfections.

RectorSeal®, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R tools and accessories, introduces the PRO-Fit Precision Swage Kit, a collection of six drill bit swage tool sizes designed for quickly, reliably and inexpensively swaging copper and aluminum tubing used in split-system air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing work.

PRO-Fit Precision Swage Kit bits used with a (minimum) 12v, 2,000-Plus RPM drill or impact driver combine friction, heat and pressure to reform tubing into a perfect swage for joining two similar-sized tubes, especially for use with any mini-split, VRF or split system unitary equipment installation. The five-second process eliminates copper coupling expense, cuts brazing by half and produces a more consistent swage than laborious manual hammer/punch swage tool methods. It’s also 12 times faster, less expensive and requires no maintenance versus hydraulic hand-swaging tools. PRO-Fit swages help prevent the potential sidewall splits, over-swaging and leaks associated with traditional methods that can raise installation costs and damage the environment.


08 Jan

“Furnace freezing up! Please help!”

furnace“Hi guys!

So, like I mentioned, during very cold weather my furnace wont start. I was getting a pressure switch error code, that led me to find a frozen condensate line. I cleared the obstruction and then it worked ok. Now when its cold out it still wont start, giving me the same error code. I checked for another frozen hose but I didn’t find any.

I’ve set up a heater in front of the furnace and if I turn it on and wait about a minute the furnace will kick on and it will run fine as long as that heater is on. Keep in mind that I cant find any frozen spots in the line before I start the heater.

The stress of this is keeping me up at night wondering if the furnace is running or if its kicked off! haha, I could really use some advice. I’m an electrician by trade so I have an understanding of how the whole system works.

Some guys at work were suggesting that maybe wind was being forced in the cold air intake from the outside and it was freezing it up. Not really sure, I would appreciate any advice!

Thanks! – kgray33″

Trap is probably frozen. Buy some electric heat tape and wrap the condensate trap along with the lines. That furnace should never have been installed where it can freeze up like that. – PeppyEpi

03 Jan

New Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs

SS1We are happy to announce Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs!  Three new SKUs of bulk pack SS1, SS2 and SS3 contractor packs of quantity 50 each case.

  • SS1 (97630)  contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976302
  • SS2 (97635) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976357
  • SS3 (97645) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976456


20 Dec