Nu Line® Instructions English




Slime build-up clogs air conditioner condensate drains causing overflows and water damage to ceilings, walls and flooring.

The air handler (sometimes called the furnace) in a home central A/C system cools, cleans, circulates and dehumidifies air in the home. The cooling element (evaporator coil) condenses gallons of water daily from the air in the home into the condensate drain pan. When an air conditioner condensate drain line clogs with slime it causes the drain pan to overflow and leak. Completely clogged drain lines must be cleared by flushing with water, blowing out with high-pressure air from the drain pan to the outlet of the drain line or by using a vacuum cleaner attached to the drain outlet. Bleach will kill the top layer of slime but it will not get it to detach from the walls of the pipe due to the glue-like substance the slime secretes to adhere to surfaces. Pan tablets will slow the growth of new slime but as long as there is a layer of slime attached to the walls of the pipe, it will continue to grow rapidly. Chlorine products are also corrosive to drain pans.


NU LINE® Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Line Build-Up Remover

NU LINE® penetrates the slime to coat the walls of the drain line helping the slime to break up, detach from the drain and slide out. It leaves a coating on the walls of the pipe to help prevent new slime from attaching to it for up to 3 months.


Turn off air conditioner and pour 8-oz of NU LINE® into the condensate drain pan, line or condensate pump inlet (The drain pan is inside the air handler under the coil. It is usually located at the other end of the PVC drainpipe). 8-oz Nu Line treats up to a 4-ton unit. After 20 minutes, turn the air conditioner back on. Repeat every three months to help keep the pan line and/or pump clean.

NU LINE® is BIODEGRADABLE and NON-CORROSIVE. Will not harm metal drain pans.