Pink R410 Cap 1/4″ Thread

npr41010pk86681 (NP-R410) 10PK

Novent R410 Cap 10 Pack
Novents Tamper Resistant caps have become the standard in sealing and protecting Schraeder service valves. Safe guard your AC systems efficiency and the environment from lost or accidental mixing of refrigerant gases.

Thread Size – 1/4″
Refrigerant – R410

Ordering Information:
Model – NPR41010PK
Carton Qty – 10
Carton Weight – 5

Carton Contents:
R410 Locking Cap (10)

Novent Screwdriver tool for R410 and R410 Euro Caps
With a swiveling tip, the Screwdriver tool is great to get into tough to reach places.

Ordering Information:
Model – NPR410SDT
Carton Qty – 20
Carton Weight – 3

Carton Contents:
R410/Euro Screwdriver Tool

Novent Multikey
The multikey fits all our Novent caps.
Novent Contractor Trifold
Novent Homeowner Bifold
2009 IMC 1101.10
2009 IRC 1411.6
Novent Submittal

Thread Size –
Refrigerant – ANY

Ordering Information:
Carton Qty – 20
Carton Weight – 2