Hard start devices
The Only Two-Wire Pre-Assembled Starting Components Hard Start Device on the Market Using a High-Quality Mechanical Potential Relay in a Unique Design! Absolutely no use of circuit boards, timers or PTCR devices!

It’s this patented design that sets us apart from the competition! Ongoing research and development by RectorSeal, – the manufacturer of Kickstart® hard start devices – continues to earn product approval from leading compressor and equipment manufacturers…a first for any two-wire starting device in the HVACR industry. See those approvals in writing. All Kickstart® aftermarket products come with a 3-year warranty*!

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*Important Internet Warranty Information
Warranties for product sold via an unauthorized source (i.e. 3rd party) will not be honored. Licensed contractors are required to install Kickstart® hardstart devices, do not attempt to install them yourself.

Kickstart® is the only pre-assembled starting component hard-starting device that is Patented, UL recognized in the e US and Canada, CE recognized, assembled under ISO 9001 and Approved by major compressor and equipment manufacturers for permanent installation.

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