GulfCoat™ Contractor series coil coating

GulfCoat™ Blue and Clear corrosion resistant coatings are specifically designed for the protection of HVAC coils and components. GulfCoat™ Contractor Series coatings are formulated to improve adhesion, moisture resistance, UV protection and corrosion resistance. The product can be applied on-site or at your premises after HVAC units have been manufactured and installed.

GulfCoat™ Contractor Series coatings provide a HVAC coil coating system for added corrosion protection on aluminum and copper finned RTPF and MCHX coils. GulfCoat™ coatings help to reduce the accelerated corrosion of HVAC coils. By following the coating and maintenance instructions, end users should expect extended life cycles while avoiding energy loss due to corrosion.



Item Number Size Color Quantity UPC Interleaved
80401 12 oz (340 g) Aerosol blue qty 6 021449804011 10021449804018
80400 12 oz (340 g) Aerosol clear qty 6 021449804004 10021449804001