Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans


DexElar_Logo (1)Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans are the affordable solution for fixed placement, solid surface applications when hanging a secondary drain pan and HVAC unit is not necessary. They feature a network of built-in risers, which are compatible with a wide variety of sizes of HVAC units.

Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans are Made With Pride in the USA from DexElar material, which is our patented and advanced polymer that possesses superior strength, durability and versatility when compared to other HVAC secondary drain pans made of traditional ABS plastics. They also will not rust like a metal secondary drain pan.

Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans are engineered with superior one-piece structural strength to produce the strongest value-priced secondary drain pan with rolled edges and no seams on the market today. Our Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans can support over 45% more weight than a traditional ABS plastic pan and will not split, leak or crack like a traditional ABS plastic pan.

DexElar provides our Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans with extreme temperature durability -20° F (-28°C) to 260° F (126.7°C), which make them ideal for any HVAC application. DexElar material is also a safer material of choice than ABS plastic. DexElar has a higher melting point and self extinguishing characteristics not found in competitors’ secondary drain pans. DexElar material is a superior level of safety and protection compared to traditional HVAC/R secondary drain pan materials.

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Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans is compatible with our AG-4200 Condensate Management System water sensor and drain adapter as well as  AG-GFR Vibration Isolators to quiet any noisy HVAC unit.

Available in three sizes (W) x (L) x (H):

96214 AG-GV 30” x 50” x 4.00″


96216 AG-GV 30″ x 62″ x 4.25″


96218 AG-GV 30″ x 66″ x 4.00″


Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Saves Time – Saves Money
    • Quick-and-Easy Professional Installation
    • Stronger than a Metal Pan and will not Crack, Split or Rust
    • Network of Built-In Risers – No Need to Shop Around for Additional Risers or Mounting Blocks
  2. Extreme Temperature Durability
    • -20° F (-28°C) to 260° F (126.7°C)
    • Self Extinguishing – Safer and More Reliable Material of Choice
  3. High Load Bearing and Tensile Strength
    • Manufactured with Rolled Edges and No Seams for Superior One-Piece Structural Strength and Flexibility
    • Tensile Yield Strength of 8,900 lbs. Per Square Inch
  4. High Impact Resistance
    • Over 200x Stronger than Glass and 30x Stronger than Acrylic
    • “Tough as Steel” resistance to cracking and/or breaking
    • Ideal for Applications where HVAC/R Products may Experience Extreme Punishment
  5. Complete Condensate Management System

Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans meet or exceed all international building codes and come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. US Patents and Patents Pending.

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Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved Dimensions Cubic Feet
96214 30×50 10 021449962148 56.625×30.25×7 5.96
96216 30×62 10 021449962162 63×30.375×7 7.75