Frugal Flush® The Universal 1.6 Replacement Flapper

flapper2Adjustable flapper valve

Frugal Flush® adjustable water saving flapper valves are the only approved adjustable flapper valve with a 5 year warranty.

The Universal 1.6 Replacement Flapper was designed as an OEM replacement flapper for 1.6 gallon toilets, yet also serves as a water saving device for 3.5 gallon and larger tanks. The Universal Replacement flapper can actually improve the performance of 1.6 gallon tanks, while maintaining low consumption characteristics required of 1.6 gallon tanks.

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved Dimensions Cubic Feet
97771 Blister Card 12 021449977715 10021449977712 6x5x10 .52
97774 Master Carton (1 Master carton equals 12 cases) 144 021449977746 10021449977743 19x19x31 6.48