A/C Condensate drain pan and drain line cleaners and treatments.


Actabs™ with its EPA registered biocide eliminates or prevents most blockages in air conditioning and refrigeration drain lines due to build up of bacterial slime, rust, scale, sludge, airborne dust, silt and other solids. Actabs™ unique dispenser when placed in drain pans will prevent water overflow in units for up to 3 months. Helps stop damage to floors, ceilings and equipment. Can be used in computer rooms.

Hydrex A/C Tabs

Hydrex™ A/C Tabs keeps drain pans and drain lines clean and free of debris. Controls odor, sludge, plugging and slime. Hydrex A/C Tabs is designed for air conditioners, humidifiers and refrigerators, in which odors control and water overflow from the drain pan is a concern. Can be used in the commercial air conditioning units that are commonly found in motels, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, apartments and office buildings.

Nu Line®
Helps prevent A/C drain line clogs and water leaks by removing slime build-up and keeping drain lines open. Use it every three months to help prevent water damage and mold growth from clogged A/C drain lines.