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Dura G-O-N™ Commercial Polymer Roof Drain Downspout

Dura GONThe high impact polymer design of Dura G-O-N™ offers the same features as the theft-resistant, nickel-bronze original G-O-N® product line.

RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, introduces Dura G-O-N to its Glue-On-Nozzle (G-O-N®) product line of decorative downspouts for commercial building roof drains. Dura G-O-N is a high impact polymer version of the original nickel-bronze G-O-N and offers the same easy, cost-saving installation features. Dura G-O-N and the original G-O-N are the plumbing and building industries’ only decorative downspout nozzles with a theft-resistant glue-on design that can be installed after the wall or building is completed.

Dura G-O-N is USA-made. The integration of its aesthetic patina-like bronze color during the polymer injection molding process makes its simulated oil-rubbed finish indistinguishable from a metal downspout. As a value-engineered, but equally functional  alternative to the original metal G-O-N, Dura G-O-N is perfect for retrofits, less visible back-of-building applications or smaller projects with only a few roof drains.

Dura G-O-N is currently available in 4-inch-diameter (10-cm), the building industry’s most popular downspout size, however 3-inch and 6-inch-diameter (7 and 15-cm) models are planned for a first quarter 2018 release.

Dura G-O-N installs within minutes by fastening the three-screw escutcheon plate to the wall and then solvent cement-welding the nozzle’s PVC insert to the outside diameter of the building’s PVC drain pipe. Unlike the decorative downspout industry’s screw-on nozzles, the patented G-O-N glue-on technology is theft-resistant.

Other Dura G-O-N features are:

  • Packaged in an easy-to-merchandise 9-1/4 (w) x 9-1/2 (h) x 6-inch (d) (23 x 24 x 15-cm) two-color cardboard box with installation instructions printed on the outside;
  • Includes ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors and other built-in weather resistance to maintain the faux verdigris charm that simulates weathered metal;
  • Unique notched escutcheon guarantees perfect leveling and alignment between flange and downspout on each installation;
  • Saves construction costs and expedites rough-ins because it’s installed after wall completion, thus eliminating masonry crew coordination and project interruptions required with screw-on downspouts;
  • Optional bird screen available;
  • And available at most plumbing wholesale distributors.

06 Sep

Plumbing: PEX tubing, UV light problems?

Unfortunately, for the most part, PEX tubing is susceptible to direct UV light.  When exposed to direct UV light, you risk the pipe becoming brittle. Keep in mind, different manufactures of PEX may have different ratings based on the length of time it is exposed to UV light. They do, however,  put in UV stabilizers in the tubing to give it some limited protection (in days). It is best to inquire with the manufacture to see what their warranty policy is on their PEX tubing if exposed to UV light.

– Jerry T.
Director of Sales – Plumbing

29 Aug

Top 3 Tips for New HVAC Tradesmen

New to the trade and just got my gas license a few months ago. I’m working in the field with a small company helping with some service and installation and I’ve got a lot to learn still. Hoping you guys could help me out with some general tips that would be useful to a new guy to the trade. -NigelPieman

#3. Ask questions, ask why things are done certainly ways, and why things aren’t done certain ways. Don’t be afraid to look dumb, not every one knows everything from day one. Pay attention to everything and when you don’t understand what’s being done, speak up. -BeanyLinguini

#2. Most important thing pay attention to every single thing that your Tech does, stay out of the way, and ask as many questions as you can. You’re not going to learn it overnight. It takes years to become a truly good technician. -Zackhood

#1. Keep your phone in your pocket all day. -Generic_Esoteric

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24 Aug

Pump Selector on iPhone?

iPhone Pump Selector

iPhone users, you can access HVACR Pump Selector easily anytime and anywhere by following the simple step-by-step guide on adding the shortcut to your home screen. Find out how!

18 Aug