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Introducing SureSeal’s New Packaging

We are pleased to introduce you to our new packaging for SureSeal Floor Drain Trap Seals. The new packaging design includes a clean look with clear easy-to-follow content, and a slotted display that provides better and organized arrangement for the products.  We hope you like them! Look out for the new look in your local distributors and retail stores.

To learn more about SureSeal, the drain trap sealer preferred by engineers, PHC professionals and code officials, visit /sureseal-trap-seal/

26 Mar

Dura G-O-N

Dura GONHigh impact polymer Glue on Nozzle

Durable, colorfast, high

impact, marine grade polymer

  • 10 times the weathering resistance of ABS
  • Timeless style with the look of oil rubbed bronze
  • Solvent welds directly to drain pipe
  • Professional on-site finish
  • Available in popular 3”, 4” & 6” dia.

Available bird screens fit both G-O-N and Dura G-O-N

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved
82763 3in 1 per case NA 10021449827635
82764 4in 1 per case NA 10021449827642
82766 6in 1 per case NA 10021449827666

16 Mar

New Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs

SS1We are happy to announce Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs!  Three new SKUs of bulk pack SS1, SS2 and SS3 contractor packs of quantity 50 each case.

  • SS1 (97630)  contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976302
  • SS2 (97635) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976357
  • SS3 (97645) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976456


20 Dec

RectorSeal Introduces Check-Flo™️ Normally-Open Backwater Valve to the Canadian Plumbing Market

Check-FloCheck-Flo™️ is industry’s first backwater valve to use a repelling magnetic levitation flapper for reliable sewer backflow prevention.

RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, introduces Check-Flo™️, the Canadian plumbing industry’s only normally-open backwater valve design that incorporates a patented repelling magnetic levitation flapper to ensure the most reliable sewer backflow prevention.

Certified under CSA B181.1-2015, Check-Flo model 96894 is designed for preventing reverse backwater flow into four-inch-diameter (10-cm) residential building main lines from street sewers that are clogged or flooded from excess storm volume.

Check-Flo’s flapper design uses a strong embedded magnet that levitates it away from a polarized magnet embedded in the valve body bottom. The levitation prevents the flapper from sticking open from valve body bottom-dwelling substances, which potentially prevent other flapper designs from closure during property damaging backflow events. The flapper’s hinge pin/sleeve’s stainless steel construction inhibits dirt accumulation and is designed as a loose, free-moving mechanism, versus tight-fitting plastic-based hinge/sleeves that are more susceptible to grime collection and flapper jamming.

Check-Flo’s sturdy ABS valve body also uses a low maintenance, streamlined design with no internal sharp edges, obstacles or corners that foster debris build-up that can lead to flapper failure. When cleaning is required, the valve body’s six-inch-diameter (15-cm) transparent access cap allows the unprecedented feature of both upstream and downstream main line rodding. Additional access is offered by easily removing the valve’s transparent inspection cover’s 12 hex-head bolts.

Other features and benefits are:

  • Certified to CSA and ASME A112.14.1-2003 (R2008) standards;
  • Flapper is replaceable through the access cap or removable valve cover;
  • Retrofit-able with all brands of existing access boxes. New construction installations can be combined with an optional Check-Flo ABS plastic access box, model 96899;
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel parts;
  • Flapper relies completely on maintenance-free magnetic levitation instead of polyethylene floats that need periodic inspection;
  • One-year warranty from installation date;


Available at most Canadian plumbing wholesale distributors in a package of three units, each with an attractive white cardboard carton that features illustrations and instructions. Each package includes a step-by-step instruction sheet;

19 Dec

NEW Wide Mouth Gallon and Applicator

Download Image

NEW Wide Mouth Gallon

  • Easier application on all PVC electrical conduit sizes
  • Easier use with larger application dauber
  • Better pouring capability
  • Overall ease of use.

NEW PVC Solvent Cement Applicator

  • 2 in 1 Applicator
  • for both regular & wide mouth gallon cans

RectorSeal is proud to announce the introduction of the Wide Mouth Gallon PVC Conduit 633L and 2 in 1 Applicator for Low-VOC cement. The part number for this new product is 55979. Our Conduit 633L PCV cement is rated for electrical PVC conduit up to 6 inch schedule 80 pipe. No primer is needed code permitting.

The wide mouth can provide contractors easier application on larger PVC pipe applications. The wide mouth gives better pouring capability, the ability to use a larger application dauber and overall ease of use

31 Oct