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Best location to place an air filter?

Q: There are two possible locations to put an air filter for my HVAC system. 1. ceiling return grill 2. furnace blower unit in the attic

Currently there is no filter at the blower unit. I have been putting Filtrete 1900 at the return grill because it’s easier to change and I assume that will keep the return duct cleaner.

Recently a HVAC guy commented I will have better filtration if the filter is closer to the blower (he suggested #2 location)

  1. Can I put two filters in my system – one at the return gill (a cheap one) and one at the blower (Filtrete 1900)? or that will create too much airflow restriction?
  2. If I should only have one filter, which location will be best? – indhtgc

A: I would keep the filter where it is. In my experience, filters that are installed directly at the unit or even inside the unit can be a pain to replace. The return air filter grille is much more convenient.

And no you don’t want to double filter it. That just puts unnecessary stress on the motor because it has to work harder to overcome two different filters instead of one. – Cobra449

13 Dec

Safe T Switch: HVAC Learning Solutions

Safe T Switch detects clogged A/C condensate drains and shuts off the system to prevent water damage to floors, walls and ceilings. Can be installed horizontally or vertically, inline or on the primary pan’s auxiliary drain outlet by using the included ¾” adapter, bushing and cap. Can be installed on a sloping line and does not need to be level or plumb.

video by: HVAC Learning Solutions

28 Nov

Johnstone Supply: Training Opportunity

Please join us at Johnstone Supply Pensacola on November 1st or Johnstone Supply Ft. Walton beach on October 31st for a product training class. This class will qualify for NATE continuing education credit. This class will feature three topics: technical tips including compressor start up, line sets and getting the most out of your customer service. Bring your NATE ID number to receive NATE credit.

Where: Jonstone Supply #165
3900 North W Street
Pensacola, FL 32505

Johnstone Supply #355
117 Hollywood Blvd
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Fore more details, call: Johnstone Supply
Pensacola 850.436.2008
Ft Walton Beach 850.364.6880

27 Oct

NFMT Orlando 2017

Make it to NFMT Orlando for better facilities and a better you. It’s totally free. It’s only two days. It’s an event entirely for you. So what are you waiting for? Download your FREE Pass and visit us in booth #913 by subscribing!

25 Oct

Desolv™ | Mini-split Evaporator Coil Cleaning Kit

Rinse the coil, and all other surfaces which were sprayed, with water until all of the Desolv product has been removed.
Note: Desolv is self-rinsing from evaporator coil fins during condensate production of normal AC operation, but rinsing the coil fins with water should be performed after the application of Desolv to ensure the best results.


19 Oct