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Wide Mouth Gallon PVC Electrical Conduit 633L

NEW Wide Mouth Gallon

  • Easier application on all PVC electrical conduit sizes
  • Easier use with larger application dauber
  • Better pouring capability
  • Overall ease of use.

NEW PVC Solvent Cement Applicator

  • 2 in 1 Applicator
  • for both regular & wide mouth gallon cans

All solvent cements and cleaners carry a two year shelf life.

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21 Jun

Metacaulk® Cast-In-Place Device (CID)

Metacaulk Cast In Place Device CIDSingle component Cast-In-Place device, approved for use with a multitude of penetrating items. Will prevent the spread of fire from through-penetration services in concrete floors • Installs prior to concrete pour.
• Casts directly into the concrete to form an embedded intumescent service supply.

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• Integral intumescent firestop
• UL Classified systems up to 3 hrs
• Eliminates drilling of concrete
• Reduces labor time
• Tested in accordance withASTM E814 (UL 1479)
• Assembled in USA

Product Code Type Dimension Qty
67202 Cast-in-Place Device 2-inch device (8-in. height) 12
67203 Cast-in-Place Device 3-inch device (8-in. height) 12
67204 Cast-in-Place Device 4-inch device (8-in. height) 12
67206 Cast-in-Place Device 6-inch device (8-in. height) 6
67232 Height Extension 4-in. extension for 2-in. device 6
67233 Height Extension 4-in. extension for 3-in. device 6
67234 Height Extension 4-in. extension for 4-in. device 6
67236 Height Extension 4-in. extension for 6-in. device 6
67222 Deck Adapter Kit 2-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension 6
67223 Deck Adapter Kit 3-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension 6
67224 Deck Adapter Kit 4-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension 6
67226 Deck Adapter Kit 6-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension 6


18 Jun


LiquidDrain™ is a commercial strength, non-acid, and non-flammable drain opener. LiquidDrain’s penetrating surfactant foaming action lifts and pushes contaminants off to rapidly clear drain, sewer, or waste line. This includes paper, rags, sanitary products, sludge, soap, fat, wood, hair, food, and difficult-to-remove cooking grease found in or near restaurants. LiquidDrain penetrates the grease. LiquidDrain may be used on cast iron, steel, copper, brass, lead, and plastic pipe. LiquidDrain will not harm septic tanks, cesspools, drainage fields and leaching systems when used according to directions

Liquid Drain

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved
80391 Quart 12 per case 02144980391 10021449803912

23 May

NoKink™ Reinforced PVC Tubing

8300-PVC-Braided-Tubing-1.25x50Flexible reinforced PVC Tubing for use with Aspen condensate pumps for ductless and VRF applications.

Features & Benefits:
• Stronger hold strength at the pump discharge connection
• Reduces kinks during installation
• Reinforced braided tubing is less susceptible to puncture & damage
• No sagging or reduced (ID) inside diameter during Hot Summer Months
• Condensate drain lines


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Product Code Size Quantity ITF UPC
83000 ¼” x 50’ 1 100-21449-83000-0 021449830003

16 May

Hot Block®

Hot Block Heat Absorp Putty

In easy-to-use, must-have when brazing, soldering or welding.

Hot Block® Reusable heat absorption putty.


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Hot Block is a pliable, formable putty-textured packing for protecting nearby HVAC/R and plumbing pipe, valves, components and surfaces from damaging heat conduction, transfer and sparks during jobsite brazing, soldering and welding for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing systems. While many heat blocking putties are one-time use, Hot Block is reusable dozens of times, because its proprietary formulation is easily rejuvenated with a spritz of water before storing back into its 8-ounce (metric) plastic jar.

Hot Block separates surrounding areas from potentially conductive brazing/soldering temperatures of 850°F (454°C) and reduces them by up to 90 percent.  It also doesn’t degrade from welding temperatures of up to 3,000°F (1,649°C). Besides absorbing heat, Hot Block can also prevent nearby drywall or wood from igniting, existing fitting joints from unsoldering, or flange bolt/nut threads, valves and sensitive equipment from residual spark damage.

It is available in 8-ounce (0.2-liter) plastic jars from HVAC and plumbing wholesale distributors. The jar includes a four-color label with instructions.

Other Hot Block advantages are:

  • Price is less than the cost to replace an expensive component left unprotected during a nearby brazing;
  • Outperforms and is more convenient than the industry standard of wet rags;
  • Protects copper, aluminum, steel and all other pipe and component materials;
  • Can be used with all types of brazing, soldering and welding gasses;
  • Available to RectorSeal authorized wholesalers in 12-jar cases.

Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved
83560 8 oz. 12 021449835602 10021449835609

14 May