Big Foot: Frame Supports

Ideal for constructing your own support system on rooftops, floors or slabs.

Frame Supports provide the base and essential hardware. This system can then be used for piping, tray systems or ductwork. The bases include recycled crumb rubber pads to cushion and protect the roof or other surface. Framework must be cut and fit on-site using readily available 15/8″ strut and 1/2″ threaded rod (not included).

87711 (RPS16) MULTI FOOT 16″ 3.7
87712 (RPS24) MULTI FOOT 24″ 6.2
Multi Foot can accept both 1/2″ coarse threaded rod OR 15/8″ strut (not included). Installer must provide rod or strut for custom on-site fabrication. Ideal for smaller systems. Sold individually.
Materials: Rubber/PVC
Multi Foot kit includes:
1 foot, 1 anti-vibration pad
Max weight capacity:
RPS16 – 572 lbs RPS24 – 1100 lbs

87713 (RSPD12) H-FRAME KIT 12″ 14.5
87714 (RSPD18) H-FRAME KIT 18″ 28.5
H-Frame Kits accepts a standard 1 5/8″ strut (not included) that fits securely into pockets provided in the foot. Any frame shape can then be built up for sturdy support. AV pads provide insulation from vibration, creeping and noise. Sold in pairs.
Materials: Rubber/PVC
H-Frame Kit includes:
2 feet, 2 AV pads, 2 strut inserts
2 L-Brackets, 4 M10 Bolts, 4 channel nuts
Max weight capacity:
RPSD12 – 661 lbs (per pair) RPSD18 – 1100 lbs (per pair)

Submittal Data Sheets and Specifications