RectorSeal® Introduces the PRO-Fit™ Precision Swage Kit, the Next Generation in Copper Pipe Swage Tools

PRO-Fit™ Precision Swage Kit is a six drill bit swage set for quickly, easily and inexpensively swaging refrigeration tubing without leak-prone imperfections.

RectorSeal®, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R tools and accessories, introduces the PRO-Fit Precision Swage Kit, a collection of six drill bit swage tool sizes designed for quickly, reliably and inexpensively swaging copper and aluminum tubing used in split-system air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing work.

PRO-Fit Precision Swage Kit bits used with a (minimum) 12v, 2,000-Plus RPM drill or impact driver combine friction, heat and pressure to reform tubing into a perfect swage for joining two similar-sized tubes, especially for use with any mini-split, VRF or split system unitary equipment installation. The five-second process eliminates copper coupling expense, cuts brazing by half and produces a more consistent swage than laborious manual hammer/punch swage tool methods. It’s also 12 times faster, less expensive and requires no maintenance versus hydraulic hand-swaging tools. PRO-Fit swages help prevent the potential sidewall splits, over-swaging and leaks associated with traditional methods that can raise installation costs and damage the environment.


08 Jan

“Furnace freezing up! Please help!”

furnace“Hi guys!

So, like I mentioned, during very cold weather my furnace wont start. I was getting a pressure switch error code, that led me to find a frozen condensate line. I cleared the obstruction and then it worked ok. Now when its cold out it still wont start, giving me the same error code. I checked for another frozen hose but I didn’t find any.

I’ve set up a heater in front of the furnace and if I turn it on and wait about a minute the furnace will kick on and it will run fine as long as that heater is on. Keep in mind that I cant find any frozen spots in the line before I start the heater.

The stress of this is keeping me up at night wondering if the furnace is running or if its kicked off! haha, I could really use some advice. I’m an electrician by trade so I have an understanding of how the whole system works.

Some guys at work were suggesting that maybe wind was being forced in the cold air intake from the outside and it was freezing it up. Not really sure, I would appreciate any advice!

Thanks! – kgray33″

Trap is probably frozen. Buy some electric heat tape and wrap the condensate trap along with the lines. That furnace should never have been installed where it can freeze up like that. – PeppyEpi

03 Jan

New Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs

SS1We are happy to announce Safe-T-Switch Contractor Packs!  Three new SKUs of bulk pack SS1, SS2 and SS3 contractor packs of quantity 50 each case.

  • SS1 (97630)  contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976302
  • SS2 (97635) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976357
  • SS3 (97645) contractor pack qty 50 UPC NA ITF 10021449976456


20 Dec

RectorSeal Introduces Check-Flo™️ Normally-Open Backwater Valve to the Canadian Plumbing Market

Check-FloCheck-Flo™️ is industry’s first backwater valve to use a repelling magnetic levitation flapper for reliable sewer backflow prevention.

RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, introduces Check-Flo™️, the Canadian plumbing industry’s only normally-open backwater valve design that incorporates a patented repelling magnetic levitation flapper to ensure the most reliable sewer backflow prevention.

Certified under CSA B181.1-2015, Check-Flo model 96894 is designed for preventing reverse backwater flow into four-inch-diameter (10-cm) residential building main lines from street sewers that are clogged or flooded from excess storm volume.

Check-Flo’s flapper design uses a strong embedded magnet that levitates it away from a polarized magnet embedded in the valve body bottom. The levitation prevents the flapper from sticking open from valve body bottom-dwelling substances, which potentially prevent other flapper designs from closure during property damaging backflow events. The flapper’s hinge pin/sleeve’s stainless steel construction inhibits dirt accumulation and is designed as a loose, free-moving mechanism, versus tight-fitting plastic-based hinge/sleeves that are more susceptible to grime collection and flapper jamming.

Check-Flo’s sturdy ABS valve body also uses a low maintenance, streamlined design with no internal sharp edges, obstacles or corners that foster debris build-up that can lead to flapper failure. When cleaning is required, the valve body’s six-inch-diameter (15-cm) transparent access cap allows the unprecedented feature of both upstream and downstream main line rodding. Additional access is offered by easily removing the valve’s transparent inspection cover’s 12 hex-head bolts.

Other features and benefits are:

  • Certified to CSA and ASME A112.14.1-2003 (R2008) standards;
  • Flapper is replaceable through the access cap or removable valve cover;
  • Retrofit-able with all brands of existing access boxes. New construction installations can be combined with an optional Check-Flo ABS plastic access box, model 96899;
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel parts;
  • Flapper relies completely on maintenance-free magnetic levitation instead of polyethylene floats that need periodic inspection;
  • One-year warranty from installation date;


Available at most Canadian plumbing wholesale distributors in a package of three units, each with an attractive white cardboard carton that features illustrations and instructions. Each package includes a step-by-step instruction sheet;

19 Dec