ASPEN Peristaltic. Ideal for remote location applications.

Video: Install of Universal Peristaltic pump in wall mounted unit

periunimechConcealed installation options. Remotely above ceiling..
Reservoir options. Mechanical-Inline style Universal-requires no reservoir.
Modular terminals. Fast connection.


Peristaltic Universal Pump Kits.
Two temperature sensors allow the pump to detect and be triggered by a change in air temperature, making this pump suitable for many applications. No reservoir or filter is required.
Overflow switch not included.

Peristaltic Mechanical Pump Kits.
A remote reservoir with an internal float mechanism (10 feet suction lift) is available with or without a high level alarm output designed to be mounted onto the compressor in an external condenser unit. No filter is required.


aspperiuni230t 83966 (Model: ASP-PERI-UNI-230)
Aspen Universal Installation Peristaltic Pump w/o reservoir 230v