Alarms & Condensate Management Accessories

RectorSeal also offers a variety of alarms and accessories for our AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems.

These products include our AG-9100 External Audible and Visual Alarm, 6 Foot Extension Cables, 6 Foot Plenum Rated Extension Cables, AG-3176 Alternate Plenum Rated Primary Pan Sensor, and our AG-2510 AquaMate In-Line Access and Clean-Out Port for primary or secondary drain lines.

All of our alarms and accessories are approved for use with our AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems and feature the same innovations and high-quality engineering and construction industry professionals expect and rely on with our AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems.

Alarms & Condensate Management Accessories
The AG-9100 External Audible & Visual Remote Alarm is the only multipurpose remote alarm that is approved for use with AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems. The AG-9100 Audible & Visual Remote Alarm features a 12-24 VAC / 6-32 VDC circuit, which can be integrated into most monitoring systems (home alarm, water detection or condensate management system, etc.) and has a low amperage draw of 100mA – no battery required.
The AG-3176 is an alternative plenum rated primary pan probe for the AquaGuard AG-3150E and AG-3175E.
The AG-2510 AquaMate In-Line Maintenance and Clean Out Port attaches directly to the primary or secondary drain line and allows easy access into the drain line for routine maintenance or in the event of a clog, which can be caused by dust, debris or insulation.
AG-GFR Vibration Isolators
AG-GFR Vibration Isolators are heat resistant, durable thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) that can dampen the noise produced by an HVAC or furnace unit while in use.