96196 (AG-9300-LG) Condensate Sensor


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For LG Ductless Mini-Split Systems

The AquaGuard AG-9300-LG is the first condensate sensor engineered to work with LG Inverter single-zone wall-mounted systems and features exclusive wire harness connectors that were designed in close collaboration between LG and RectorSeal.

The AG-9300-LG continuously monitors any condensate overflow in the LG indoor unit’s primary drain pan and automatically shuts off the Ductless Mini-split systems system and activates an audible alarm when any overflow is detected.

Mini-Split-CutAway (1)The AG-9300-LG provides contractors with the flexibility to meet multiple code requirements being enforced in many states today including International Mechanical Code 307.2.3.4, which states “A water-level detection device conforming to UL 508 shall be provided that will shut off the equipment served in the event that the primary drain is blocked. The device shall be installed in the primary drain line, the overflow drain line, or in the equipment- supplied drain pan, located at a point higher than the primary drain line connection and below the overflow rim of such pan.”

The AG-9300-LG is also a less expensive code compliant option compared to a condensate pump for LG Ductless Mini-split systems installations. In addition, the AG-9300-LG can also be installed with a condensate pump and used as a standalone backup system to provide extra protection in the event of a condensate pump failure.

With a compact control box and probe, the AG-9300-LG is designed to fit completely inside the LG indoor Ductless Mini-split systems unit, which provides numerous mounting options inside the unit as well as a clean, quick, and easy professional installation in about five minutes.

The compact control box also features an adhesive pad and exclusive LG wire harness connectors that plug directly into the unit’s circuit board.

9948818eed7e17a67252648e727585cfPlug the 4-pin cable (LG-I) into the thermistor connection in LG HV and HSV Inverter indoor units:

  • High-Efficiency Wall-Mounted (LSN091-240HSV; 9,000-24,000 Btu/h)
  • ART COOL™ Mirror Wall-Mounted (LAN90-240HSV; 9,000-24,000 Btu/h)
  • Standard Wall-Mounted (LSN307-360HV; 30,000-36,000 Btu/h)

Plug the 2-pin cable (LG-II) into the condensate sensor connection in HV2, HSV2, and HYV Inverter indoor units:

  • High-Efficiency Wall-Mounted Indoor Units (LSN091-240HSV2; 9,000-24,000 Btu/h)
  • ART COOL™ Mirror Wall-Mounted Indoor units (LAN90-240HSV2; 9,000-24,000 Btu/h)
  • Wall-Mounted Indoor Units (LSN307-360HV2; 30,000-36,000 Btu/h)
  • High SEER Wall-Mounted Indoor Units (LSN090-120HYV; 9,000-12,000 Btu/h)

The ultra slim micro-sensor is installed directly into the drain pan of the LG indoor unit and can be mounted using its adjustable metal clips and adhesive pad.

Power to the AG-9300-LG is supplied by a readily-available, long-life lithium battery (CR14250 3V), which can last up to the life of the LG unit without ever having to connect into the unit’s power supply.


  • Electronic Condensate Drain Sensor Specifically Developed for LG Ductless Mini-split systems with Exclusive LG Wire Harness Connectors
  • Meets International Building Codes
  • Less Expensive Option Compared to a Condensate Pump
  • Can Also be Installed as a Backup System to a Condensate Pump Failure
  • Clean and Professional Internal Installation
  • Audible Alarm
  • Up to 10 Second Make/Break Delay
  • Automatic Reset
  • Long-Life, Readily Available Lithium Battery Included (Lasts Up To the Life of the Ductless Mini-split systems)
  • Quick-and-Easy Installation
  • Low Battery Audible Alert
  • UL 508 Approved

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved Dimensions Cubic Feet
96196 10 021449961967 10021449961964 14.5 x 4.875 x 4.75 .19