AC leak Freeze® Nano PRO

AC leak Freeze Nano PRO

Stop refrigerant leaks permanently and restore AC performance quickly.

AC Leak Freeze PRO refrigerant leak sealant with new leak seeking nano particles creates a stronger dual sealant! Nano particles are non-polymer and non-reactive technology that fills cracks and imperfections in hvac coils.

The highly sophisticated mixture of various shapes and sizes allows them to easily self-organize and actively seek and seal leaks permanently in hvac refrigerant systems.
Helping restore functionality and prolonging the life of AC units. Saving homeowners and businesses time and money AC Leak Freeze Nano PRO comes in a disposable cartridge with a convenient low loss fitting valve. It is OEM approved, polymer free, safe, quick and easy to inject into hvac systems.



PRO nano

  • Reliable, safe and polymer-free*
  • Leak seeking nano particles.

PRO nano with Magic Frost:

  • Magic Frost formula enhances system performance reducing compressor noise and extend compressor life.
  • Magic Frost adds anti-friction lubricant to reduce noise/vibration.
  • System runs smoother, more efficient.


  • UV adds the ability for a UV light source to detect larger leaks for system assessment.

Compatible with all refrigerants


Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Name Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved
AC Leak Freeze nano PRO 45316 1.46 oz. nano 12 021449453165 10021449453162
AC Leak Freeze nano PRO with magic Frost 45317 1.46 oz. nano Magic Frost 12 021449453172 10021449453179
AC Leak Freeze Pro with UV 45318 1.46 oz UV 12 021449453189 10021449453189
AC Leak Freeze Pro for Mini-split 45309 .05 oz./15ml nano Mini-Split 12
AC Leak Freeze Pro with UV for Mini-split 45308 .05 oz./15ml UV Mini-split 12