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Johnstone Supply: Training Opportunity

Please join us at Johnstone Supply Pensacola on November 1st or Johnstone Supply Ft. Walton beach on October 31st for a product training class. This class will qualify for NATE continuing education credit. This class will feature three topics: technical tips including compressor start up, line sets and getting the most out of your customer service. Bring your NATE ID number to receive NATE credit.

Where: Jonstone Supply #165
3900 North W Street
Pensacola, FL 32505

Johnstone Supply #355
117 Hollywood Blvd
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Fore more details, call: Johnstone Supply
Pensacola 850.436.2008
Ft Walton Beach 850.364.6880

27 Oct

NFMT Orlando 2017

Make it to NFMT Orlando for better facilities and a better you. It’s totally free. It’s only two days. It’s an event entirely for you. So what are you waiting for? Download your FREE Pass and visit us in booth #913 by subscribing!

25 Oct

Q&A: U Bend, B Vent, Code Compliant?

Photo credit: TheDrPepper

Q: Only seen a couple of these around Chicago. Is this a code compliant exhaust cap? Was told it was because “rain kept blowing into the cap and dripping down the vent pipes.”

It is for natural gas furnaces (second floor) that connects to an upper units venting (3rd floor) and then out.

– TheDrPepper

A: Assuming it’s venting a category 1 appliance, no. At no point should a natural draft vent system slope downward. If the cap is leaking, get one that doesn’t. NFPA 54 section 12.7.2 -Gas Vent Termination – Tony3696

NFPA 54 section 12.7.2 -Gas Vent Termination
Page 229 has a pic of what is acceptable. It does not mention a U bend.  – 33445delray

17 Oct

Homemade Air Heater – Will This Work?

Help!!! [Don’t want to burn the house down.]

Q: Hi all very simply it’s copper tubes, small pc fans, and surrounding the copper tubes is several 15 to 20w quartz halogen (I think?) heater spotlight lamp bulbs. If this is placed in a wall to heat a small bathroom bringing cold air outside in, will it be able to do so? Thanks a bunch – any recommendations for efficiency or a similar design welcome. – A1d4n_18

A: Sounds pretty good to burn your house down. How is this cheaper than something UL approved?

You’ll also not be anywhere near the same efficiency as something off the shelf. Don’t do it.

– DietCokeFiend

This. Pick up a wall can at the local big box home improvement warehouse for $100-200. It’ll not be a fire hazard AND it recycles warm air from the room, not cold outside air.

– Deltigre

10 Oct

5 Mini-split Accessories Mandated by Building Codes

Many HVAC contractors are unaware of five accessories that are mandated by building codes, and that have been written for the fast-emerging ductless mini-split market.


Most qualified contractors are knowledgeable of building codes for general HVAC work. However, many are unaware of five accessories that are mandated by building codes aimed at the fast-emerging ductless mini-split market.

Rather than learn what’s not code compliant from an inspector that red tags a new mini-split installation, the following list of code-mandated products are listed below:

1.Tamper-resistant locking cap for refrigerant ports

2. Condensate overflow switch

3. UV resistant wrap for linesets

4. Condensate drain hose trap

5. An indoor disconnect switch.

These accessories are mandated for a variety of reasons, but they mostly fall under life-safety, efficiency, property protection or a combination of those categories.

05 Oct