Goliath Furnace Series Furnace Risers


Goliath Furnace Series Furnace Risers offer contractors all of the benefits of our GOLIATH SERIES product lines and are specifically designed for the unique clearance needs of furnace installations, piping and p-traps.

d287ae5d27a84d450fc6a3914efa8c3aDesigned to work with our Titan Flexible Series Secondary Drain Pans (as shown to the right) or fabricated metal pans, Goliath Furnace Risers can be quickly installed either lengthwise or widthwise for any HVAC or furnace unit installation.

Goliath Furnace Risers can also help quiet any noisy units with optional AG-GFR Vibration Isolators made of heat resistant, durable rubber.

DealerDesignAwardGoliath Furnace Risers were the GOLD WINNER in the Components and Accessories Category of the DEALER DESIGN AWARDS program from The NEWS, which is the HVAC/R contractor’s weekly newsmagazine since 1926.

All Goliath Furnace Risers are Made With Pride in the USA and constructed of DexElar – the same rugged, durable material as our Goliath Series Secondary Drain Pans, Goliath Furnace Series Auxiliary Drain Pans, Titan Flexible Series Secondary Drain Pans, and Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans.

DexElar_Logo (2)DexElar material is a superior level of safety and protection compared to traditional HVAC/R Secondary drain pan materials and is 10Xs stronger than competing metal risers. DexElar also will not rust or crack like metal risers.

Goliath Furnace Risers are available in three sizes (L) x (H):

96250 AG-GFR 23” x 4”


96252 AG-GFR 23” x 7”


96254 AG-GFR 28” x 6”


Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Saves Time – Saves Money
    • Quick-and-Easy Professional Installation
    • 10x Stronger than a Metal Riser and Will Not Crack, Split or Rust
  2. Extreme Temperature Durability
    • -20° F (-28°C) to 260° F (126.7°C)
    • Self Extinguishing – Safer and More Reliable Material of Choice
  3. High Load Bearing and Tensile Strength
    • Designed and Engineered to be Completely Compatible with Our Titan Flexible Series Secondary Drain Pans
    • Manufactured with Rolled Edges and No Seams for Superior One-Piece Structural Strength and Flexibility
    • Tensile Yield Strength of 8,900 lbs. Per Square Inch
  4. High Impact Resistance
    • Over 200x Stronger than Glass and 30x Stronger than Acrylic
    • “Tough as Steel” resistance to cracking and/or breaking
    • Ideal for Applications where HVAC/R Products may Experience Extreme Punishment

All Goliath Furnace Risers come complete with a 3 Year Limited Warranty. Patents 8,220,768



Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code Size Quantity UPC Interleaved Dimensions Cubic Feet
96250 16 021449962506 10021449962503 29.25×8.75×17.25 2.55
96252 16 021449962520 10021449962527 29.25×8.75×17.25 2.55
96254 16 021449962544 10021449962541 29.25×8.75×17.25 2.55