Locking Refrigerant Gas Caps

GasGuard Keyless Locking Refrigerant Gas Caps

The simplest way to comply with IMC & IRC codes for protection against refrigerant gas misuse

1/4″ Thread Gray
86640 Socket Tool / 2 Free Caps 10
86641 Universal 10 pk 10
86643 Universal 50 pk 1
86646 Universal 100 pk 1
5/16″ Thread Available in Gray Only
86650 Socket Tool / 2 Free Caps 10
86621 Universal 10 pk 10
1/4″ Thread Green
86610 Socket Tool / 2 Free Caps 10
86611 R22 10 pk 10
86612 R22 2 pk 2
86613 R22 50 pk 1
86616 R22 100 pk 1
1/4″ Thread Pink
86630 Socket Tool / 2 Free Caps 10
86631 R410 10 pk 10
86632 R410 2 pk 2
86633 R410 50 pk 1
86636 R410 100 pk 1
86642 Universal Silver Caps – 1/4″ 2 pack 10
86622 Universal Silver Caps – 5/16″ 2 pack 10
86608 Socket tool only 1/4″ 10
86609 Socket tool only 5/16″ 10

It’s in the Code. Effective February 2009 the International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code now require that all outdoor access ports on AC Refrigerant circuits be made tamper resistant.

International Mechanical Code 1101.10 –
Locking access port caps. “Refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors shall be fitted with locking-type tamper resistant caps.”

International Residential Code M1411.6 –
Locking access port caps. “Refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors shall be fitted with locking-type tamper resistant caps.”


Novent Locking Refrigerant Caps

NOVENT® Locking Refrigerant Caps Dual protection. One simple screw-on installation.
NOVENT® locking caps seal standard
Schraeder service valves on all central AC
units and minisplits to help prevent refrigerant
leakage. Novent provides dual protection
with a single screw-on installation. Safe
guard your AC system’s efficiency and the
environment from lost or accidental mixing
of refrigerant gases. Help protect children
from serious injury or death resulting from
the inhalation of dangerous refrigerants.
Patented Novent Caps are precision machined
from high grade brass surrounded by
a protective aluminum shroud and can only
be installed and removed with a special tool.
•Integral neoprene O-ring resists oils & sealants
Integral torque limiter prevents overtightening
•Resists crushing & removal without key
•Corrosion resistant
•Selection of installation tools available

Refrigerant “may cause death without warning!” Be proactive, not reactive. Contact your AC service provider today and request locking caps be installed on your AC unit. Although there are other ways of securing refrigerant, this is the most economical and convenient way to do it. Your kids may not tamper with the refrigerant in your unit, but there’s NO guarantee others won’t. Do not maintain an attractive hazard, protect yourself today.

RS # (ref. #) Description QTY
Pink R410 Cap 1/4” Thread
86682 (NP-R410) 2PK 2 cap blister pack
86681 (NP-R410) 10PK 10 cap blister pack
86683 (NP-R410) 50PK 50 cap blister pack
Green R22 Cap 1/4” Thread
86662 (NG-R22) 2PK 2 cap blister pack
86661 (NG-R22) 10PK 10 cap blister pack
86663 (NG-R22) 50PK 50 cap box
Euro Pink R410 cap 5/16” Thread
86672 (NPE-R410) 2PK 2 cap blister pack
86673 (NPE-R410) 50PK 50 cap box
Silver Cap – any gas 1/4” Thread
86692 (NS-UNI) 2PK 2 cap blister pack
86691 (NS-UNI) 10PK 10 cap blister pack
86693 (NS-UNI) 50PK 50 cap box
Starter Pack assortments
86668 (NG-STARTPAK) (3) R22, (3) R410 caps & (1) Multi key
86680 (NP-STARTPAK) (6) R410 caps & (1) Multi key
86690 (NS-STARTPAK) (6) UNI caps & (1) Multi key
Multikey unlocks all caps
86698 (NV MULTI-KEY) 20PK 1 Multi key blister pack
Screwdriver key unlocks Pink & Euro Pink caps
86688 (NP-R410 SDT) 20PK 1 screwdriver
Screwdriver key unlocks Green & Silver caps
86660 (NG-R22-SDT) 20PK 1 screwdriver
SILVER universal caps are for commonly used refrigerants.
R22 & R410 color coded caps and embossed ID prevent refrigerant gas mixing. NOVENT® products are available only to licensed refrigerant technicians
and authorized personnel. They are distributed exclusively through HVACR
distributors worldwide.

For more information go to noventcaps.com

  • California Mechanical Code 2010 (CMC)
  • Refrigeration port locking caps
    • CMC 1106.3.1 Refrigerant Service Ports: Refrigerant service ports located outdoors shall be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps or shall be protected from unauthorized access by a means acceptable to the Enforcing Agency.