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Is this Plumbing related?

Pop quiz. Is the damage seen in the picture above (originally posted by  ElaborateToast) caused by a plumbing related issue? The answer is below the fold so you have proper time to think on it.


19 Apr

Hot water coming out cold?

I-am-ocean asks:

In winter when I turn the hot water on in faucet cold water comes out eventually getting warmer to hot after about (x) seconds, Why does this happen and how do you fix it?

Answer: I would like to recommend a product as a simple solution. Meaning does not require running a new return pipe across the house. Install it under the sink at your farthest point from the water heater (which faucet takes the longest to warm up. it is very economical to operate but you have to decide which cost you more, electricity or water. This one operates at a cost similar to a 40 watt light bulb. I installed this pump a couple of months ago and have very pleased with the results. A non-professional can install it depending on your level of comfort and handiness. Please hire a professional if you do not fully understand any of the process involved. A water leak or electrical issue will far out way the cost of a professional. Hope this helps – James Bowman, National Technical Manager, HVACR

30 Mar

Eliminate Drain Stink-Bugs and Trap Primers

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28 Feb

How do I drain this water?

user Mr_Assault_08 asked:

Getting a new home and I noticed the water build up in the drain pan. It wasn’t here when they installed it, maybe after they tested the heater or something. But I’m worried the water here will eventually (years) damage the tank. So how do I drain it??

Answer: You could just sponge it out. At the big box hardware stores, they have sponges in the tile section that would work great.
– jjmcquade

Another alternative answer: Check your pressure relief valve. It’s probably blowing off. If it is, you’ll want to get a water pressure gauge and check your water pressure. If it’s above 85 psi you’ll want a water pressure regulator at your main and an expansion tank on the cold feed to the water heater. If you get this far make sure to brace the expansion tank so it doesn’t snap your water line and pump it up to match the pressure of your house. Hopefully it’s just a bad relief valve. Good luck bud
– Lostmyoldaccount88


09 Feb

Plumbing: Fixing a stuck shut off valve

y8wye3oi9bqaqkjsbtjfthfaaugtzjtzx69akd6rthqJuch asks: I’m trying to turn my hose spigots off, but I’m having issues. The main issue is that one of the valves is stuck (see image). When I went to turn it off it was missing a handle, so I went out and bought a replacement. When I turn the handle, it just spins against the shaft but doesn’t turn it, so the valve doesn’t shut. My second spigot won’t close all the way (not pictured, but I can get an image if it matters to anyone). The handle is turned as far as I can make it go, but water still drips out of the spigot when I leave it open. I appreciate any advice on how to fix either of these issues.

EZ-C heroically answers:

Those gate valves should be replaced with 1/4 turn ball valves anyway. I’d cut it out and put in new valves.

What is pictured is soldered copper which you probably don’t want to work with. Instead you can use sharkbite fittings to work with the copper pipe. Very simple to use.

Shut off the water at the meter. Get a cheap pipe cutter. Cut pipe, use sharkbite fitting / valve. Turn water back on. Done.

17 Nov