Best way of covering a vent occasionally?

ventsamwalker5 writes:


I am trying to figure out how to cover a vent in my house so that when I am using the room as a darkroom (with chemicals) it will not feed the chemical odors into the rest of my house. It is a large vent which is on the wall.

I would want to cover it well, but I was hoping it would be a quick and easy way to cover it every so often, without having to tape plastic over it all the time.


Answer: If it is a return grill then do not cover it if the system is running unless you have multiple return grills in your home. The grill is most likely metal so take your plastic sheet you are taping on and attach magnetic strips to it. you can pick up low cost rolls of magnets at most Dollar Stores and hardware stores.
James Bowman
National Technical Manager, HVACR

24 Aug

Question on Faucet Fittings, Answered

hJeYJlOyPj8GnnFZGqloQDAOhMNev_3bzMF3KgTdJk0therealjerseytom writes:

Working on replacing my kitchen faucet – seems pretty straightforward, got the old one out, but ran into a funny thing when about to put the new one in. Top part of my photo are the water connections under the sink. One on the left seems pretty obvious, threaded outlet. In the bottom photo, the black hose I’m holding on the right hand side is from the faucet itself – all well and good to hook the two up.
But what’s the deal with my right-side water supply? Seems like the hose is crimped on or something and can swivel around, but I’m not sure it unthreads. Is there a name for this type of connection?
In any event that white hose leads to the larger female fitting on the left side of my bottom photo. Ultimately I need to get that larger female end of the supply, to connect up to the smaller female end of the faucet hose.
Should I just need to pick up a male/male adapter fitting? I should have taken a closer look before I left for work this morning but are these typically straight thread or NPT?


Answer: The valve on the right has the hose built onto it. Two choices, shut off water and replaced with same type of valve as on the left or get a compression union. They usually come with the nuts which you can discard.


22 Aug