15 Apr

A Switch in Time to Save and Profit

HVACOne air-conditioning installation or aftermarket add-on that is easily forgotten by HVACR installers and service techs is the condensate drain-pan overflow switch. A condensate drain-pan overflow can potentially cost the end-user hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water damage, mold remediation and interior furnishings replacement. Secondary drain pans are excellent redundancy methods. But without a UL-508-tested electronic or mechanical overflow switch that deactivates the equipment and/ or alerts the building owner, it too can overflow undetected after succumbing to whatever clogged the primary drain pan. Therefore, the overflow switch is another form of redundancy that protects the customer’s property and the contractor’s liability associated with drainpan overflow damages.

Ironically, data centers have redundant precision air-conditioning because cooling microprocessors must be failsafe. Even at home, the HVACR contractor most likely has a surge protector for redundancy against power spikes to electronic equipment. Therefore, why not install a redundant safeguard protecting an air-conditioner from overflowing gallons of water into a building?


16 Apr

RectorSeal Australia Pty. Ltd.

DSCN2411The RectorSeal Corporation, Houston, Texas USA is pleased to announce the formation of a new company, RectorSeal Australia Pty. Ltd. located in Brisbane, Queensland.  RectorSeal is a 77 year old company that specializes in accessories products and specialty chemical products for the HVAC and plumbing industries.

Effective August 15, 2014, RectorSeal acquired the Evo-Crete® and Polyslab® product lines from the Evolve Group also located in Brisbane. Evolve Group will continue to offer and supply other products under their name and  focus on the many other industries they currently serve. RectorSeal Australia will continue to focus on the Plumbing, HVAC and Irrigation markets. Evo-Crete® and Polyslab® will continue to be manufactured in Australia at the same factory assuring continued quality with no interruption in service or delivery.

We are also pleased to announce that two of Evolve Group’s former associates, Paul Brooks, National Sales Manager and Rebeca Beeby, administrative assistant, have agreed join the RectorSeal team to ensure  that the transition is smooth from the Evolve Group to RectorSeal Australia.

RectorSeal Corporation currently manufactures about 350 specialty products designed for the professional tradesmen. This product offering includes chemical specialty products for the plumbing market and a full line of HVAC accessory items focused primarily at the ductless mini-split industry.  In the near future, it is our hope to extend this product offering to include many innovative and unique products that will make the contractor’s job easier and more cost effective. In the meantime, our primary goal is to ensure that we provide the highest quality Evo-Crete® and Polyslab® products without any interruption and in a timely manner.

On behalf of all the RectorSeal associates and our colleagues  here in Brisbane, we are happy to now be serving Australia and look forward to meeting our valued customers soon.

14 Jan

Desolv™ Cleaning Kit Instructional Video

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More info:

Use to deep clean the indoor evaporator of mini-split A/C units that are located in areas where wall and floor protection are necessary.

Kit Contents
• Desolv Cleaning Solution (1 gal.)
• C-Band Frame Assembly
• Replacement Bags (2)
• Wedge Sheets (2)
• Drain Pail (5 gal)
• Installation Instructions

07 Jan

RectorSeal® Acquires SureSeal®

sure-sealHouston–RectorSeal® Corp., a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, acquired selected assets and the SureSeal® brand from SureSeal Manufacturing (SSM), Tacoma, Wash., on Jan. 2.

SSM manufactures and distributes SureSeal, the leading brand of waterless floor drain trap seals. “SureSeal is established as the premier brand in this category, therefore it’s a natural fit that provides RectorSeal with an outstanding growth opportunity.” said David Smith, president, RectorSeal, Houston.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with RectorSeal, because they have the industry connections, distribution network, and organizational resources that are key to taking SureSeal to the next level and beyond,” said Kevin Huber, senior vice-president– business development of the surviving company renamed Specialty Plumbing Products Manufacturing LLC (SPP).

SureSeal_GroupThe SureSeal acquisition is the second transaction between RectorSeal and the team responsible for creating SureSeal, Don Huber, vice president–manufacturing & product development, and Al Stakset (retired). Huber and Stakset co-invented the Hubsettproduct line of test couplings that was sold to RectorSeal in 2001.

While SureSeal started as a retrofit product, its use is now approved by two of the three national model plumbing codes for use as an alternative to trap primers for blocking sewer gas backflow though floor drains into occupied spaces. Sewer gas is a dangerous threat to public health and believed to cause and spread deadly diseases, such as SARS and Legionnaires’ Disease.


SPP will continue manufacturing the product line for RectorSeal from its Tacoma production facilities. SureSeal’s former national sales manager, Rick Ensley will administer the brand from RectorSeal’s Houston headquarters as its product line manager. The acquisition also contracts both Hubers and Jorge Duque, CFO, to remain in three-year-long advisory roles for a seamless transition.

RectorSeal, which is a portfolio company of investment group Capital Southwest Corp., Dallas, Texas, has actively acquired other companies and brands in the last four years. Acquisitions include:

  • Airtec, a conglomerate of brands that include Aspen® Pumps, Fortress and Big Foot Systems;
  • AquaGuard®  condensate management float switch product line, and Goliath® and Titan brands of plastic condensate overflow pans from Resource Conservation Technologies (RCT);
  • Glue-On- Nozzle (G-O-N) a nickel-bronze downspout product line for commercial building roof drains;
  • and recently Australian-based Evolve Group’s Evo-Crete and PolySlab

The website will continue to operate. SureSeal will continue to be sold through traditional wholesalers serving the PHC and HVAC/R markets and is now supported by RectorSeal customer and technical support departments at 800-231-3345.

06 Jan

RectorSeal’s Mighty Bracket™


RectorSeal’s Mighty Bracket™ is HVAC Industry’s First Labor-Cutting Mini-Split Installation Support Tool

RectorSeal® Corp., Houston,  a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R products, introduces the Mighty Bracket, the HVAC industry’s first mini-split installation support tool. Mighty Bracket cuts jobsite labor costs by 50-percent because it reduces evaporator coil mounting and connecting to a hands-free, single-person task.

The contractor-grade yellow, patent-pending Mighty Bracket hooks onto both tabs of a mini-split wall mounting plate in less than a minute. The Mighty Bracket securely holds the mini-split evaporator coil for quick and easy connections of electrical, refrigeration line sets and condensate drain pumps/hoses.  The 20-inch long support arms are roomy enough to allow evaporator coils to be temporarily angled away from the wall at 23 to 45-degrees for easy back panel access during installation or servicing.

Afterward, the heavy duty, ABS plastic, reusable bracket needs no disassembly, but simply folds up for storage in a compact 28 x 6-inch black canvas tote bag.

The Mighty Bracket accommodates most mini-split brands and evaporator weights up to 100-pounds.

Other features include:

  • Soft gasket material on support feet and support arms protect wall surfaces and evaporator coil encasement finishes from scratches;
  • Flip-up gates at the end of both support arms helps to prevent slip off and damage to the evaporator or flooring below;
  • Horizontal leveling of support arms is accomplished by sliding an included cotter pin into four adjustment hole selections;
  • Pays for itself in labor savings after just one installation;
  • Four-color, fully-illustrated glossy packaging box can easily be displayed on wholesaler end caps, shelves or counters;
  • rounded corners prevent worker injury from sharp edges.

The Mighty Bracket is a perfect complement to RectorSeal’s full line of ductless mini-split installation accessories such as NoKink–kink-free lineset connection; RectorSeal condenser brackets and mounts; GasGuard and Novent®–locking caps for condenser refrigerant access valves; SlimDuct® and Fortress–lineset protection duct; ACTABSDMSS–drain pan mold prevention tablets; PairCoil–pre-insulated linesets; Safe-T-Switch®  and AquaGuard® condensate shut-off switches; Aspen® Pumps–condensate pumps; and a variety of other accessories for condensate management and equipment mounting.

For additional information, visit email: marketing(at)rectorseal(dot)com; or call 800-231-3345.

06 Jan